I am Andy Harris. I have no formal qualifications in photography.  I have done a few photography courses and training but mostly I have built up my knowledge, skills and experience by just getting out there and doing it.

I have a studio I have owned and managed for over 6 years now, and have been a wedding photographer for 12 years, and was in and out of photography for over 30 years.

I do commercial photography, event photography as well as studio portraiture, and if you look at my website am prepared to pretty much do any photographer.

I love being behind the camera, am enthusiastic and passionate about photos but not overly hung up about all the ‘rules’. I do things the way I do, am pleased with them, and I truly believe we photograph with our eyes, not by having the latest and best equipment. Let me share some of that ethos with you…! I believe that my prices are good value for the time and effort I put in, and I hope you will come out thinking so too.